Twentieth Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary of Chris & Rick's Halloween celebration was made extra special by the appearance of Clarence and Myrna Swensen. Clarence was one of the original Munchkin Soldiers in the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz.

Clarence (wearing his Oz soldier uniform) and Myrna handed out candy and posed for pictures with kids and other guests.

Mary's Chauffeur Hat
Special thanks to Mary Beck and Foster Hagen for playing chauffeur for our special guests.

We had over 200 visitors including kids and adults. Each one got 1 bag of candy and 1 large Hershey bar. A new feature this year was the Yellow Brick Road that led up the walkway to Clarence's station. As in previous years we projected the Wizard of Oz in the early evening hours for the younger kids.

The Bounty Yellow Brick Road

Visitors & Friends

Posed Shots Featuring Clarence, Myrna And Some Other Munchkins.

This email was sent by the parents of young Mr. Moore in the far left picture, "Thank you so much. We enjoyed this Halloween more than any other. We can't wait to send this picture and information to our family. You helped create a permanent memory for our son Dominic."

Cherie Moore
"Have a Blessed Day"

As Usual The House Was Fully Decorated

Master William Budge

Another thing that made this Halloween so special was that it was William's first, and he got to spend it at Uncle Ricky's house.

Special thanks to Bob Wade for turning us on to Clarence Swenson and his wife Myrna.

Thanks For Sharing This Favorite Holiday

This photo was sent by Clarence. Look for the dark arrow in the light red dot
just to the right of Glenda the Good Witch's head to see Clarence's location on the set.

To see and article about Clarence Swensen, click here.
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Hope To See You Again, Next Year!